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Maersk India move to put India on banana trade map August 20, 2007

Posted by Ramnath Rangaswamy in Business, Emerging Markets, Indian Economy, Logistics.

untitled5.jpgThis is what supply chains are all about!

This is a win-win situation for all- the producer gets an assured market and a good price and the buyer gets a good product at a good price. This is what supply chains are all about. This is the beauty and power of supply chains!

Maersk here is acting like a true supply chain solution provider rather than a shipping line, container line or a logistics service provider. Maersk has moved to the next level in the value chain.

All Logistics Service Providers, i.e. transporters [ most of whom have fashionably rechristened themselves as logistics providers without doing anything different!] and warehouse providers have to start providing supply chain solutions if they have to survive in the 3PL/LSP business.

CONCOR [ Container Corporation of India] has done something similar to Maersk. They have begun supplying apples from North India to large retail chains. They have done this via their new subsidiary Fresh and Healthy using their cold chain. This is again, a good supply chain solution from CONCOR.

These supply chain solutions are good for the Indian Economy as we grapple with how the benefits of a 9%+GDP growth rate should trickle down to rural India.

Hope we see more 3PLs/LSPs going bananas over such supply chain initiatives!

For the complete story, click here. Maersk India move to put India on banana trade map



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