Chennai Port mega terminal – connectivity still an issue

untitled7.jpg ‘Supply Chain solution ‘ thinking!

I was pleasantly surprised to read about the Chennai Port Authorities taking a complete system view of the mega terminal coming up at Chennai Port.

The capacity of Chennai port will increase, from 8 lakhs TEU per annum today, to 50 lakhs TEU by 2012. The authorities are not only thinking of the port but also road connectivity, rail connectivity so that customers of Chennai Port get a complete solution .The Chennai Port authorities are already working with the concerned departments to provide connectivity to the major highways bypassing Chennai city.

It is of no use to the customers of the port if the cargo can be handled and cleared quickly, but the container is going to be stuck in a massive traffic jam just outside the port. The gain in one part of the supply chain is wasted in another part!

This system thinking, is a big change in mindset. Usually infrastructure is developed, removing the bottleneck or constraint at one point, only to transfer it to another point in the chain. Examples;

  • at our airports, the immigration authorities have done a great job of speeding the passport checking, but the baggage carousels still take a lot of time to disburse our the passenger still ends up taking a long time to get out of the airport
  • you can tele-check-in, get your boarding pass on the internet, yet you get stuck in long queues at security. So passengers have to come in early to ensure they board the flight.

We hope to see more such visionary and holistic thinking.

For the complete story see the link; Chennai Port mega terminal – connectivity still an issue


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