2007- The Year that was from a India Supply Chain standpoint

untitled2.jpg 2007 is coming to an end! As the last post for the year 2007, I will pen my thoughts about how I will remember this year from a supply chain standpoint.

The year that was- 2007

This is the year when India signed the Trans-Asian Railway agreement in June 2007. Private train operators completed a full year of operations.

Modern retail chains, like Big Bazaar and Reliance Retail began making their presence felt in India. Reliance Fresh stores were sprouting and many of them were closed, because of protests.

India was ranked 39th as per the world bank LPI rating . I would like to see India improve it’s rank.

My most memorable supply chain events for 2007 are Maersk exporting banana’s from India and the Hutch to Vodafone conversion.

book.jpg The best Supply Chain book I read in 2007 was on supply chain was Supply Chain Redesign by Robert B. Handfield, Ernest L. Nichols Jr.

What are my wishes for 2008

In 2008 I would like to see more companies begin to think of supply chain as a key competitive advantage. I would like to see them use S&OP processes in India, drive waste out of the supply chain and increasing capability of the supply chain team members in organizations.

I would like to see more supply chain articles appear in the newspapers and magazines.

Wish you all a Very Happy, Prosperous and Sucessful 2008!

To quote the Thirukural, on the passage of time,

“Though it seems a harmless gauge of time, a day [ or in this case a year],
To those who fathom its form, is a saw steadily cutting the tree of life.”


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