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About Me

I love logistics!

I love the discipline associated with it, I love the logical, systematic and methodical working of logistics.

I love the fact that logistics involves plain common sense mixed with hard core mathematics – queuing theory, routing problems, line balancing….

I love it that logistics is an outdoor and field job. I never loved sitting behind desks staring at a computer screen.

Logistics gives me an opportunity to interact with trains and railways, ships and ports; being a Mechanical Engineer, I just love being so close to all these mechanical beasts.

I get a high seeing the physical movement of goods and material- this is the ultimate proof that business is happening!!

I am not all about Logistics.

Apart from Logistics, I go trekking in the Himalayas, I am an amateur birdwatcher, I play Bridge, I play Squash and I love motorcycling (I own a Royal Enfield Thunderbird). Recently, I have started gardening and am trying my hand at terrace gardening (thanks to http://geekgardner.in)


Ramnath Rangaswamy

Kendriya Vidyalaya(s)   –>   Special Class Railway Apprentice, Jamalpur  –>   Indian Railways    –> IIM, Calcutta   –>    Procter&Gamble   –>    Streamlinesupplychain.com   –>   Vedanta Resources –> Gateway Rail


1. Apurva Mankad - October 3, 2007


I would like to get in touch with you for a mutually beneficial association.

2. logbizindia - February 4, 2008

Please visit logbizindia.blogspot.com for more on SCM and logistics in India- news, views, data and features. We look forward to interacting more with you.
Editor, Logbizindia

3. streamlinesupplychain - February 22, 2008

I do visit logbizindia.blogspot.com often to update myself on the latest news and happenings in the supply chain space in India. I too look forward to interacting with you more often. Best regards.

4. Himmat - August 29, 2008

Hi , is there some where i can find the policy to setup a logistics park in India. I need to know what are the minimum requirements for an area to be deemed as a logistics park by the government.

thank you

5. desikamani - November 10, 2009

Great stuff! Simple and insightful.
Keep writing.

6. Sunil Natraj - December 6, 2009

Hey there!
I love your lucid style of writing. I am also from IIM Calcutta – from the Class of 2009.

Its great seeing you follow your dreams. Would love to speak to you in person some day


7. eurobrands - December 31, 2009

Interesting side

Ramnath Rangaswamy - January 14, 2010

Thank you!

8. Rakesh Kumar Dhurka - January 13, 2010

Sir this is Rakesh Dhurka, P&G Patna Bihar.

I am in Bangalore currently please contact me if you get my message at 09538900701

9. Zeeshan Azam - April 17, 2010

Good day Sir,
This is Zeeshan , pursuing Power Engg. from NPTI , Delhi. Well , I chanced upon your place from some other IR site coz railways is a darling for me.
Your posts made me think more than my average limits which made me click on your bio to find a bag full of amazing suprises!
Sir, being a student of IIM-C is a jewel on the crown, but for me the actual crown is the SCRA you passed in 1984.
Coz of this , I ought to ask you a few questions ( I wonder why none of this exceptional–yes it is–talent has been talked ’bout anywhere on your site, maybe coz not many know what SCRA is! ) —
1) What were the no. of SCRA seats way back then? currently its ~20.
2) I read you are from KV, but didnt specify from which one. Were your parents too from the technical line, which inspired you to jojn one?
3) Was there any sort of craze for engg., particularly for IIT-JEE, CAT and esp. SCRA then? And any coaching??
4) What was the curricula in SCRA at IRIMEE? Did they really TEACH you RAILWAYS, or the same mech/elec. stuff?
5)What was the stipend then at IRIMEE? and what did u opt for??
6) What was your on-probation post? and what was your designation after the probation peiod of one year?
7) Sir, as far as I know, people who graduate from IRIMEE have an almost chance to climb up the IR tree eventually into the Railway Board at some time of their career. Why then did you left IR for some private limited company?
8) Did you really REALLY study hard for SCRA or you were exceptionally bright student who qualified SCRA in a happy-go-lucky style?
9) Since qualifying SCRA was of your calibre , why didnt you try other competitive and more-rewarding jobs like IAS? ( considering SCRA is way more tougher than any other exams, success ratio is 20/50000—you would have walked on a cake in IAS)

10) Since you have a panache for supply line/logistics the IR (particularly IRTS ) would have benefitted you in a far better way given your aptitude to run trains as a sort of product delivery. Why did you then not do this?

11) Is life at SCRA same as as other top-notch engg. colleges or is it different in the manners? And when you were on job, were you considered at par with your fellow IES(IRSEE, IRSTE etc. chaps) and IRTS/IRPS people or you were a dash above them?

12) Please give some tips for students to pass the SCRA.

13) Is SCRA worth its name and is qualifying it worth the time and tenor put in by students?( considering the fact that YOU left SCRA)

Grant me pardon if I went overboard in asking some questions which I shouldnt have asked, but it was important for students like me who once had the will to qualify the SCRA.

Thanks sir, wish us all best of luck in our careers.


10. Anindya Gupta - May 24, 2010

Dear Ramnath

Let us work sometime on how we can set up humanitarian logistics network in India.A non profit initiative would be equally challenging! Let me know your views on the same.

11. Deepti - July 5, 2010

hello sir…

since you are working in SCM area… can you please suggest me that how can we apply SCM and its othr techniques in Human resorce management …

Deepti ..


Ramnath Rangaswamy - July 11, 2010

Dear Deepti,

A very good question.

Supply-chain and logistics is based on solid processes, measuring all deliverables, and getting feedback from customers. These same fundamentals can be applied to HR.

For example, when a new recruit is hired, do you have a process and checklist? Sending a welcome letter, getting the employment agreement signed, getting all copies of the certificates, having all joining forms signed, arranging for pick-up on the day they arrive, arranging their accommodation, doing their orientation course and finally getting their feedback on the quality of the new hire process.

Another example is Training process; how to identify training needs, identify the skill/value/competence gaps before the training, identify the trainees skill/value/competence level/scores before the training, identify the trainees skill/value/competence level/score immediately after the training and identify the trainees skill/value/competence level/score 3-6 months after the training so that you can judge the effectiveness of the training.

Hope this gives you an idea of how supply-chain fundamentals can be applied to HR.

Feel free to contact me if you require any more details or clarifications.



12. bala - July 9, 2010

what is u r mobile number

msg to vim.bala@gmail.com

13. VVS - September 21, 2010

can you help me to understand warehouse oppurtunities in Coimbatore Tamilnadu. I am planning to setup. Is there any specific domain I can concentrate to create the setup. I wasthinking of putting a setup on Food storage, is it a good option?


14. Arun Jacob - November 24, 2010

Dear Sir,

Read your blog on Green SCM, Was impressed 🙂
I am currently doing my MBA at Mumbai and we are organizing a Operations Conclave on Green Supply Chain in January 2011. I would like to invite you to it as a panelist at the event. If you could mail me your email address, I will mail you the event concept note and schedule.

Hoping for a positive response

Warm Regards

15. Yashu Gupta - January 11, 2011

Dear Sir,
We are a Public Ltd Road Transportation Service provider looking to enter the warehousing space. Would like to speak to you regarding the key decisions when entering this space. Would appreciate if you could mail me on yashu.gupta@sbs.ox.ac.uk.

Yashu Gupta

16. Ashok Pankar - March 3, 2011

we are exploring the possibility of warehousing and dry cargo terminus at Goa.
we are wondering whether you offer professional services to undertake a feasibility study and detailed engineering thereafter.

17. Ramesh Kumar - March 14, 2011

Dear Ramnath,

Trying to reach you

Ramesh Kumar
Consulting Editor
Logistics Times

18. Rit Desai (09821757754) - March 27, 2011

Dear Mr. Rangaswamy, Currently we ae into insurance field and considering o enter Warehousing in Western India region. Looking forward to have telecon/meeting with you.

19. prasanna kulkarni - March 28, 2011

hi rangaswamy , we are planing to do rail side warehouse at hubli junction in karnataka .thus we wanted professional services to undertake a feasibility study and detailed engineering of warehouse.

kindly mail u r mobile no. prasannakuki002@rediffmail.com

20. KIRTHIVASAN - April 28, 2011

Dear Mr.Ramnath Rangaswamy
Your website reflects some of my thoughts & your profile resembles mine.
Great to have taken special interest in India related SCM issues & support initiative to see India excels in this area also. Would like to be in tocuh

21. Alok Kumar - May 15, 2011

Great analysis.

Ramnath Rangaswamy - May 22, 2011

Thank you, Alok!

22. bsaikrishna - July 26, 2011

Could you please help me in understanding the FMCG supply chain velocity in detail?

– How is the typical stockist like? Who are star stockists?
– How is the typical distributor and C&F agent like?
– Typically, how does companies like P&G work with these distributors, stockists, etc. I mean who are the different P&G employees who work in co-ordinating these activities. Where do the Regional Sales Manager, etc. fit in here?
– Until what moment in the chain, do the manufacturers have the ownership of the stock?
– How does the tax regulations affect the supply chain?

Sai Krishna
Email: bsaikrishna@gmail.com

Ramnath Rangaswamy - August 27, 2011

Dear Sai,

Answer to your questions;
1. Stockists typically cover a “small” area, know the retailers and wholesellers in their area, give credit, manage distribution and visibility. They ensure that the sales persons cover the retailers and wholesellers in their area regularly and reliably. regarding “Star stockists”, different companies have different names and conotations to give a special status for their big stockists or well performing stockists.

2. Distributors are bigger Stockists. Distributors supply to big outlets or to other stockists. C&F agents are actually depots. The C&F agent keeps the stocks on behalf of the company. The stocks are owned by the company and the C&F agent acts as a custodian of the stocks. The C&F agent invoices stocks to the stockists and distributors. C&F agents are required because of the CST, where inter-state sales attract taxes. With GST, this inter-state tax will disappear.

3. P&G does not have stockists. They have Distributors. Distributors are managed by the Sales Team primarily. But the Sales Team is supported by a multi-functional team – Finance, Logistics, IT, HR. Regional Sales Manager a region and has Sales Teams under him. The structure is typical of any FMCG company.

4. Manufacturer has ownership of the stocks until they are invoiced from the C&F agent to a stockist or distributor.

5. With GST coming in and CST being abolished, C&F agents and Depots would not be required in all states. Location of Depots would be dictated by ease and cost of distribution rather than tax considerations. This would make the supply-chain more efficient.

Hope this helps. My apologies for this rather late response.



bsaikrishna - August 27, 2011

Thanks a lot Ramnath.

23. Sujin Kurup - October 24, 2011

Dear Sir,

I’ve noticed that most of the discussions about warehousing has been focused on the northern front of the country.

I have over 2.5 acres (approx 108900 sq ft) of land around 1 km off the main road in Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta, Kerala. My Location is centrally located between Thrivandrum and Cochin (100km to either locations).

I have over 70 Lakhs rupees in seed money. My basically have 3 questions for you :-

1. Would this be a prime spot to build a warehouse? (specifically for fmcg companies)
2. Should i focus to build the standard 40000sq ft warehouses, or build a mega warehouse in the entire 100,000sqft space available?
3. For either options of the above question, how would i reach the corporations on the availability of such a service in south kerala?

Hoping for a speedy reply 🙂

Sujin Kurup

24. anil kumar - October 26, 2011

Respected sir
i read your article on truck drivers CSR while finding the
problems of drivers in india. According to me Jai JAWAN ,JAI KISAN ,Jai VIGYAAN and Jai CHALAAN (drivers) are the the four pillers who makes our life to live peacefully. Among all these drivers are in very bed condition ,i am developing a system with Mr Prahalad Patel ( EX coal minister goverment of india) currently National president of BJMM Bhartiya janta majdoor mahasangh and Nitin Ji Gadkari National president of BJP for the welfare of truck drivers which will give POLITICAL SOCIAL AND ECONOMICAL securities for the drivers by my own concept of Polisocioeconomical model.India is very rich country but poorly managed. thanks for your writings infavour of truth.
Anil Kumar Ahirwar
email:- g2009@gmail.com
mobile no. 09827724584

Ramnath Rangaswamy - October 30, 2011

Dear Anilji,

Thank you for your kind words. All the Best in your noble endeavour to do good for the drivers. The drivers really need all the help they can get.

I agree India is a very rich country but extremely poorly managed.



25. Manu Magon - November 26, 2011

Respected sir,
I hve been thru ur comments on warehousin nd i think u culd b of help to me…i hve a warehousing plot in noida of 2 acres (8000 meters) on 30 meter wide road meant only for warehousing by noida authority wid bulit to suit area can b around 1,40,000 sq. ft. (basement,ground.first).Looking for a company for leese .Your advice is being needed…wuld b obliged for the same.

Manu Magon

Ramnath Rangaswamy - December 4, 2011

Dear Manu,

I will be glad to help. Could you please be specific on what advice you need. It would be efficient if you could mail me a list of questions that you have; it will be a good starting point.



26. Murugappan - January 28, 2012

Is there any statutory standards for the Ware house in India. If so what is the ref. documents

Ramnath Rangaswamy - February 14, 2012

Dear Mr Murugappan,

There is no statutory standards for warehouses. The only statutory compliance will be relevant to FSI and other building codes applicable to your area.

My apologies for this late response.

Please let me know if you need any other specific information. I will be happy to help.



27. Mahim - April 4, 2012

Hi Sir,

Hope u doing well. I need to know one thing, if u can help me out with this.

What is the difference between ICD and CFS?


28. Jemin patel - June 24, 2012

Looking into building a warehouse in Gujarat. Approx 200,000 sqft. I own the land so will mainly be looking at construction costs and management. Land is located on a major 6 lane highway and is close to the new proposed Fedara airport and Dholera Port. Looking for someone who can provide insight on type of warehouse to build, expected cost per square ft of construction, income per sq. ft , etc.

29. Mahim - October 11, 2012

Many many happy returns of the day sir.

I tried ur no (+91 96-50-960543) but couldn’t reach.


30. rangaraju - November 29, 2012

hi rangaswamy,
i would like to talke over the phone and email address ,


Ramnath Rangaswamy - November 30, 2012


My email is ramnath.rangaswamy@gmail.com



31. Shweta Soni - June 2, 2014

Hello Sir,

This is Shweta Soni, How r U ???

Shweta Soni

Ramnath Rangaswamy - August 30, 2014

Dear Shweta,

Great to hear from you.

I am doing well. Hope you are doing well.



32. Manu Magon - June 2, 2014

Having a 8000 meter plot for warehousing in Noida with built to suite facility for 1.75.000 sqft pl advice Manu Magon 9810021709

33. Tripti jindal - September 19, 2014

Khe khe khe

34. Biren Trivedi - October 21, 2014

Hello Sir,

We offer our services for acquiring land for setting up logistics parks and industrial parks in Gujarat. We have currently 120 acres of land available at the rate of Rs.40 lakh/ acre, suitable to set up a logistics or an industrial park on NH-8 near Bavla around 35 kms. from Ahmedabad. We can make available land anywhere in Gujarat as per your requirement. My contact no. is 9712755503.


Biren Trivedi

35. Deepak Samariya - April 30, 2017

Hello Sir,

I am an employee of Indian Railways posted as Loco Pilot.
I read your blogs. Its very informative and knowledgable.


Deepak Samariya

Ramnath Rangaswamy - September 24, 2017

Thank you, Deepak.

I am sorry for the very late response. I do not visit this site often.

Safe driving!!

Best Regards.

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